Democracy’s Funeral In Myanmar

With a, sovereign charade, beyond repair
‘Martial Messiahs’, need, no more façades
China laid, one more, faux-republic, bare
To be reigned, with fear, by its, hired death-squads!

How a, Minion-Angel, turned, nemesis
Of their, lust of power, loot and gore
Whose prejudice, farms, political paralysis
In this free land, faith is, fear’s metaphor!

World watches, aghast, dragon’s, political puppet-play
Once a, ragdoll of Junta, Suu Kyi is, now gone
Absolved, of their coup, and, Rhingya-melee
Thanks to, United Nations, a mere, Chinese pawn!

Is this, end of, faith’s, ethnic epic
Or the, beginning of, fear’s endless war
In the throes, of woes, squirms, hope’s relic
Democracy’s, Funeral, In Myanmar!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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