For The Bliss And Bane Of Banality

Dreams are the, myths of, a slumbering mind
Intellectuals bake, their beliefs’, daily bread
To the shades, of truth, who are colorblind
Are the nerds, who run, the world instead!

“Why lay, beauty bare, beyond its skin?”
Resents, the heart, of the idealist
“Beyond blasphemy, is the, truth of sin”
Avows, the conscience, of theorist!

Whilst “platitude, with an attitude”, drags
Mere existence, of, subsistence
The “pittance of own piety” brags
“I’m the substance of intelligence”!

“Beauty Indeed, is a, figment-deep”
States the, theory of, rationality
Life’s opium, are the dreams, we reap
For The Bliss, And Bane, Of Banality!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


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