Those Years Of Sovereign Solitude

“Don’t you dare, outgrow, big brother’s, shadow!”
Is the fatwa, of the, Arab belief
There’s nothing worth, more than, brotherhood’s vow
Should you want, to belong to, the holy Saudi fief!

Fear matters more, in the land, of faith
Where kingdoms, stand on, feet of sand
How Qatar, became, a haunting wraith
Ask the ethos, of this, plush wasteland!

A nation, found in, estrangement
Own feet, to stand; a face beyond, that Arab façade
Its redemption, is a, testament
Freedom is, beyond, brotherhood’s charade!

An exile, ended in, tribute
To a, transformed nation’s, fortitude
Who found itself, in its, bold pursuit
In Those Years, Of, Sovereign Solitude!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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