The Heist Of American Dream

Democracies, too, need politics
Not just, polity’s, democratic will
Those who, nailed mandate, to crucifix
Are the ones, who stormed, the Capitol Hill!

No, it was no Somalia, nor Pakistan
Where constitutions, are obituaries, of democracy
But the beacon, of, world-caravan
How come, succumbed, to lunacy!

Propaganda, pride, prejudice, …outsells
The values, of our, Holy Grail
In democracy’s, bad-blood, rituals
We’re, petty pawns, bartered, by cartels
O’er Facebook, Twitter and E-mail!

Politics is a guile, to split the ethos, of a state
Like the legacy, of a, colonial scheme
May the Faith, overwhelm, the Fear of Hate
The Heist, Of, American Dream!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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