Since Message Became The Messenger

Salvation is, the cost of faith, measured in pain
Who bears, the cross of human fear, is the Redeemer
That hate doesn’t hurt, that bloodbath, ain’t profane
Which baptize, the new hope’s, conjecture!

In a virgin womb, who sowed, the new faith’s seed
Whose cradle, was his, enigma
O’er old faiths’ tombs, why time breeds, new creed
For a Messiah, to bleed, at, altar of stigma!

Wasn’t Moses enough, a Jesus, had to be found
Why a Jew, forsook, his spent bloodline
To invent, a new truth, more profound –
“Passion of pain, is, most divine”!

What heart, can’t bear, that soul, can hold
In faith’s bazaars, where fear, is sold!

Will ever, be born, on earth, prophets
Since a martyr, bears, our souls’ fire
Never passion’s, faith, pain’s fear, forgets
Since Message, Became, The Messenger!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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