When She Did Bare Her Two Yard Skin

How long, she had dallied, with intrigue
Of my search, of her, sensual substance
The one, who built, an Ivy League
Of a myth, worth a, woman’s existence!

She pledged, me ‘pittance’, of a, riotous tryst
On her, last day of, Valentine’s menses
Wasn’t I, a prudish, alchemist
Ensnared, in his piety’s, pretenses!

I mused, with bated, breath and beat
“Will the peacock, spread its, plumage, wild!”
Whilst the heart, of an, impassioned, aesthete
Longed to suckle, her bliss, like a, newborn child!

She did appear, shredding, shame’s veneer
Flaunted, pure allure, anatomy, of a sin
I swayed, between, love’s faith, and, lust’s fear
When She, Did Bare, Her, Two Yard Skin

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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