For The Soul Of Islam

May the mosques echo the calling of faith
Not the battle-cry for a vain jihad
Lest an ummah become a political wraith
Ghettoized by fear in faith’s façade!

Better late than never a state’s war on hate
Decreed by clerics salaried by zealots
Lest we be that ethos we create
In a dystopia where reason rots!

Who see in Macron Satan’s shade
In Imran, Erdogan their messiahs
Fight lost jihad; lasting crusade
When they dare to be ethnic pariahs!

Muslims won’t live in estrangement
With a fistful of fear and a heartful of qualm
In a New Europe that they invent
For That Lasting Calm; Soul Of Islam!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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