A Blood Bargain Beyond Profane

Stands bare to the bone a pious state
Whose coffers spill out sins of the past
Bedizens with shame her last left bait
Whilst Arabs have a blast, world watches aghast!

Serves dwindling bustards a state gone bust
To the Sheikhs who fill her begging-bowl with loan
Lest the charity end like Islamic trust
Let a species be consigned to oblivion’s tombstone!

Sheikhs lust beyond their heart’s content
Houbara bustard’s black venereous meat
No less than the brotherly servitude spent
O’er vowing to death banana-state’s defeat!

Same is bustard’s, Pakistan’s predicament
Two strains seeking redemption in vain
They share the same shame’s sacrament
A Blood Bargain Beyond Profane!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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