Enigma Of A Wounded Race

Whose Cold War, spent the, Afghan dream
Whose jihad, has Taliban, waged to ravage
In a, hopeless state, hope’s last regime
Why a land, of faith, lives its, fear’s outrage!

Fear’s bombs, are heard, not faith’s azan
After war-cry, of, “Allahu Akbar
Since her faith, and its fear, reigns Taliban
Afghanistan, is its, fate’s martyr!

Here mothers, await, their mourning days
Since stubborn sons, don’t stop, to spar
Everyday, world sees, how hate waylays
Hope, on the way, to end, an ethnic war!

In the escape, of their, lost grandeur
Have the Afghans, found their, saving grace
Can the past’s elixir, cure the, present faith’s fear!
Enigma, Of, A Wounded Race!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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