…Still Stinks Of Socialist Sacrament

Pol borrowed, Communist Manuals
To reign, his ‘herd’, in a, Socialist way
From Soviet, Chinese, sadist-cartels
Who’d refined, the art of, blood-melee!

‘Tyranny, by the, proletariat’
Was it, a doctrine, so divine!
‘Political purge’, by, Khmer Rouge bigot
For a utopia, far from, benign!

2 Million, culled in, Killing Fields
Intellectuals, and, ethnic burden
Socialistic fear’s, historic yields
These Messiahs, were, Sons of Satan !

But a dystopia, was the, aftermath
Of this, Sino-Soviet, experiment
That Cambodian, Ethnic Bloodbath
Still Stinks, Of, Socialist Sacrament!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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