To the, ‘Greek Eden’, do we, indeed owe
The boon, and bane, of that enigma
Which shrouds, our souls, in a manifesto
For our ethos, cherishes, sovereign stigma!

Dēmos-Kratos,” beyond, a definition
Is the reign, by the whims, of a venal league
Dēmos queue up, to vote-in, a delusion
Kratos, turns out, to be, a mean intrigue!

What’s left, of that republic, but a predicament
Which had vowed, to dethrone, dynasties, despots…
Reinstates régimes, that, trample dissent
World is of, run by, for bigots!

Belarus, Thailand,…, bear the, same misery
Of stolen polls, decadence, and sleaze
Dēmos, Kratos, pawns of, political parody
In The Heist, Of, Our Democracies!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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