Dare Francis Bare Vatican And Pope

One shade, of love, between Adam, and Eve
Only worth, the Vatican’s, veneration
Faith’s binary prism, does not, conceive
Passion’s, ‘immoral’, mutation!

Faith suffers, with, sexual schizophrenia
Fearful, of its own, ‘pious’ perversion
While it’s blind, to its, pastors’ pedophilia
It crucifies passion, of, ‘debauched’ distortion!

Francis sanctifies, Vatican denies, Pope fathoms not
Between, faith and love’s, dual enigma
Whom, baptized world, “lesbian”, “faggot”,…
Is a soul, that squirms, in sin’s stigma!

Moral storm, spurred by, renegade pontiff
Was quelled, by Vatican’s, fear of, a hope
Faith won, love lost, in this, passions’ tiff
Dare, Francis Bare, Vatican And Pope!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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