Fuhrer’s Boys Were Satanic Toys

Lest he, lose impetus, in, bad blood-business
He bred, new martyrs, everyday
Evil pawns, of fury, in his, political chess
In the farms, of malice, and melee!

Half-boys, half-men, yet to, grow whiskers
Were raised, on vengeance, and hate’s hormones
Prejudiced patriots, disdained, ‘Jew-Ciphers’
Had “Hail Hitler”, etched on, their tombstones!

Came D-Day, Hitler’s, blood-starved cubs
Tore apart, ‘infidels’, at the, city’s frontline
Whilst men, lay dead, it came, on ‘cherubs’
To bear, the cross, of a, spent bloodline!

A brinksman, gambled on, his posterity
With faith, fear, pride, and glory’s decoys
Many childhoods, lost to, war’s travesty –
Fuhrer’s Boys, Were, Satanic Toys!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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