In The Realpolitik Of ‘BREASTS REPUBLIC’

Didn’t Finland’s, womenfolk, have cleavage
Until their leader, proved to, the world!
A species squirms, in the, spent outrage
That a, two pound tissue, earns, to this herd!

To Dare All, Why Not, Bare It All !!!
Why swathe, in shame, benign mammary glands
Womanhood is, an art, to defy, and appall
Mankind, beyond, what the, cause demands!

What Sanna, did, when she, undid
Evolution’s tombs, in a, shroud of skin
Could hypocrisy, be, ever, so splendid
Than, feminist faith, in a, masculine sin!

Sanna fails, to veil, by her, plastic smile
“Woman Is, Mere Object, Of Her, Own Epic”
She bares,to the bone, feminism’s guile
In The Realpolitik, Of, ‘BREASTS REPUBLIC’!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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