The Lasting Sins Of Faith And Fear

Renaissance, of a pride, after 500 years!
Yet a prejudice, lives, beyond its age
Pope’s henchmen, Spanish crusaders
Left a legacy, of, Mexican outrage!

When Columbus, began, Pope’s Catholic reign
A blessed bane, shredded, a land’s ethos
Could a, faith’s conquest, be so profane
To crucify, a race on, Christ’s Colonial Cross!

Damn! Spain’s King, spurned his, “Apology Plea”
Mexican President, tries his luck, with the Pope
O’er, blood-stained sword, and, bleeding rosary
A fallen civilization, builds its, castles of hope!

Should Mexico plead, to that, Satan’s creed
Which dwarfed, its present, to, pasts’ souvenir
A rootless nation, yearns, to be freed
From The, Lasting Sins, Of Faith, And Fear!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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