A Nation’s Fears Baptized By Tears

Satire rains, satire, when, Satan cries
Whilst red dragon, roosts on, his blue moon
Though a, nation knows, when their, leader lies
In his swamp, of hope, they squelch, and swoon!

What, metamorphosed, a narcissist
From a despot, to, piety’s deity
Fear’s alchemist, pulled off, a faith’s heist
To salvage, his pride, and polity!

The privileged, lone plump man, of Pyongyang
Brandishes, the bizarrest, travesty
A solemn, psalm of shame, in his, hate’s harangue
With deadlier toys, for, satanic spree!

Whilst an, ethos lives, dutiful death, everyday
A dynast, vaunts his, past’s souvenirs
A farce, of faith, on stark display
A Nation’s Fears, Baptized, By Tears!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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