I’ll Find My Solace In Your Storm

Why a zephyr, yearns, for that, cold wild wind
Who woke, the woman, in a, lassie’s mind
That heart, ain’t heart, which has, not sinned
And love, not love, that ain’t, colorblind!

Since you veered, the vow, of a, sworn virgin
And tethered, to your love, a once-stray kite
No more squirms, that woman, underneath my skin
Who’s found, new freedom, in her, fettered flight!

I’d found, my faith, in, who toys, with hearts
And fear, in the loss, of my, cherished pain
No more Mozarts, men are, just Bonapartes
I too, lost my heart, to a, heartless man!

O’er long winter, of your, nonchalance
May I, see thru, love’s, delusion, warm
Lest your insolence, end, my romance
I’ll Find, My Solace, In Your Storm!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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