The ‘One-China’ Rodomontade

“Get Lost China!” warns Free Taiwan
To the, chauvinist, Chinese delusion
Goliath, dreads, David’s élan
Just a, thought away, is redemption!

“One nation, two systems”, decree
From the Mainland, to, ‘Insolent Isle’
Smacks of, a bully’s, hollow victory
At the tomb, of its, defeated guile!

“You are no one, sans a, UN seat!
Your assertions, are, blatant lies”
Deep-rooted, is, ethnic deceit
Existence, when, is a compromise!

Despite all odds, David, will win
Goliath’s a myth, in, might’s masquerade
Lo and behold! Chinese chagrin
The ‘One-China’ Rodomontade!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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