Is India Still Slave To White Skin … !

vikas chandra

Why a nation, pays for, Rajiv’s lust
For a, white, exotic, prostitute
A vile dynasty, demolished, to dust
India’s posterity, for its, power-pursuit!

As though, Nehru was, not enough
To wreck, our nation’s, destiny
He left, his litters, to rebuff
The Glorious, Hindu Legacy!

Her kin, are, poisoned pedigree
Of Italian, Fascist, Heritage
Thrives to, new heights, this family-tree
On the tomb, of a nation’s, spent outrage!

Will white, witch’s loot, never ever, end
Whose bloodline, is baptized, in sin
Is better, than Brits, this, Italian fiend
Is India, Still, Slave To, White Skin … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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