As I Melt In The Tuscan Sun

vikas chandra

Between ‘Michel’, and his, ‘Angelo’
Is this lasting, masterpiece, of time
Where bellissima, trysts, with bellissimo
Tuscany’s that, sweet sin, sublime!

When zephyrs, caress, the cypress trees
I smell, three realms, dissolve into one
Lord farms faith, in Life’s, Love-prairies
Blessed by, earth’s care, and tears of sun!

Beyond bounds, I see, beauty’s rhapsody
A renaissance, is born, everyday, here
The legacy, of, Leonardo da Vinci
Blossoms on, beyond, life’s faith, death’s, fear!

Never ends, this passion’s, pilgrimage
Where my heart, hugs soul, in unison
Immortal me, forgets, to age
As I Melt, In The, Tuscan Sun!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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