A Suicide-Satire Scribbled On Wall

More life, in a, dead man’s graffiti
Than despair, in a, vanquished soul
Why life be, an endless, entreaty
And death, a, disgraced hyperbole!

Who slithered, smoldered, beneath my skin
Was that, if life, what’s existence
When the faith, I feared, measured up, my sin
I redeemed, myself, from senescence!

I’m a candle, spent, in a, stormy night
Than an, endless age, of placid gloom
When heart, is drunk, in death’s delight
World seems, to be, a vain vacuum!

In the epic, baptized, in my gore
My estrangement, is my, last recall
Cold mortar, mirrors, my life’s metaphor
A Suicide-Satire, Scribbled, On Wall!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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