A Faith’s Leader Or A Fear’s Dealer

Two isles tethered, to the, mainland’s fear –
“Lest ignominy, be, our destiny”
One lead, by the grit, of a chevalier
The other, run by, ‘Communist Puppetry’!

In Jinping’s, power-enigma
Carrie is, his, passive conjecture
Tsai, exponent, of her, own chutzpa
Not indentured, to his, misadventure!

Lam made, Hong Kong, China’s doormat
For the sham, of, ”National Security”
Tsai torments Xi, with the, ‘TAIPEI Act’
Flaunts, new epitome, of equity!

Two nations, on, democracy’s quest
One lost self-faith, another, won o’er fear
What matters, who led their, creed’s conquest
A Faith’s Leader, Or, A Fear’s Dealer!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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