Ninety Minutes Of Nirvana

More than food, they need, opium
To quell, their hearts, and numb, their souls
Kim is, bugaboo, of socialism
Who sells, himself, o’er hyperboles!

With faith, in hunger, fear in a clan
Their dystopia, is, their utopia
Captives, to, Communist inertia
North Korea, is a, long-lost caravan!

Vainglory, of, first dynasty
Resounds, in, puffery’s seminaries
To pigeonhole, gullible, posterity
And, many more, delusional histories!

A family reigns, their, every gene
Its vile legacy, their, spent prana
A future, fed on, pipedream’s morphine
And, Ninety Minutes, Of Nirvana!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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