When Satans Tango At Faith-Fest

Apprentice makes, the, best henchman
In the business, of sin, faith and fear
Iran’s Imam, Lebanon’s Sultan
Are Shia banes, that, Sunnis bear!

They want to grab, their gulp, of gore
In the, holy wars, of hegemony
Where fear, is faith’s, new metaphor
Bad blood inks, travesty, of harmony!

Whilst Syria, seethes, in ethnic hate
Yemen is all, but, demolished to dust
Palestine remains, a severed, state
Thanks to these, blessed beasts’, bloodlust!

Since they, cling on, to their, fear’s fief
Middle-east, each day, is a, new conquest
Peace seems, to be, beyond belief
When Satans, Tango, At Faith-Fest!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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