A Lonely Pilgrimage Is Pain

Runs riot, whilst love, in my heart
How could, forlorn be, soul’s sanctum
Where, solemn symphony, plays Mozart
To the bloodbath, of my, sadism!

Not in the, stony streets, of world
But thru, dark lair, deep within
I am, the only psalm, that’s heard
When I count, the rosary, of my sin!

Of me remains, that shred, for me
Which cares, no one, to see, or share
That shroud, is my, lone legacy
When my, passion’s cross, I’m left, to bear!

When I, seek myself, en route, I see
My shadow’s, a graffiti, of disdain
Each milestone, misery’s, rhapsody
A Lonely, Pilgrimage, Is Pain!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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