A Jihadi Marriage Made In Hell

A manly faith, must, baptize lust
At fear’s altar, in, seminal stain
Since Love-Jihad, is an, oath august
Free kaffir girls, from their, creed ‘profane’!

Who reign Pak-istan, by, Holy Quran
Have made it, an ethnic, enigma
Every Muslim’s sin, is, “Allah’s Plan”
Each kaffir’s life, heretic stigma!

“Sex-slaves, are, kaffir girls!”, decreed
How’s it, evil, to ravish them!
Convert them, to sate, your nuptial need
And your, ummah’s, larger stratagem!

Ali flaunts, to his bride, that jannat’s dreams
Which sells, to infidels, his faith’s cartel
She lives, lasting fear, no faith redeems
A Jihadi Marriage, Made In, Hell!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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