A Pogrom And A Blood Telegram

Etched by Blood, in blood, message was
On, history’s face, human chagrin
US democracy’s, diplomatic, flaws
In, dealing with, an ethnic sin!

Whilst Nixon, Kissinger, bigoted ciphers
Turned deaf, dumb, blind, to Bangla pain
West Pak, turned East, to brothels, abattoirs …
They baptized, ‘genocide’ as a, ‘sovereign state’s plan’!

Who appeased, West Pak, at East’s, ethnic cost
To rein in, Brezhnev, bootlick, Mao Zedong
How could they, ever see, the Hate’s Holocaust
Blindfolded by, bigotry, all along!

Were there, any bounds to, Yahya Khan’s thrill
Licensed to kill, by, White Uncle Sam
Who junked, to waste-bin, for his friend’s, heart’s fill
A Pogrom, And A, Blood Telegram !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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