Don’t Let Khashoggi Die Again … !!!

Don’t shoot, the messenger, do crucify him
For the world, to learn, from a, vain martyr
Why lost to, fear’s fief, faith’s, forsaken pilgrim
Whose sons, sold his soul, o’er blood-barter!

Would his message, outlast, his fate, aghast
Whose blood, will now power, his ‘poison-pen’
Should truth, be slaughtered, at the altar, of past
For the, king’s ‘salvation’, by his, henchmen!

Ain’t truth, propaganda, of politics
And lie, a truth, whose voice, has died
Why truth-seekers, are, holy lunatics
Who die, in the hope, to be deified!

From the farms, of fear, and hell-fire
May rise, new Messiahs, daring dread’s, dark reign
Lest the truth, become, lie’s satire
Don’t Let, Khashoggi, Die Again … !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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