When The Sky Is Bleeding With Our Love

Zephyr feels like, yearnings of, yesterdays
Remembrance rains, from, melting skies
And the trinity, dissolves in, the mystic maze
When, mermaids moan, love-lullabies!

With weary hearts, yet souls, unspent
We laze, o’er pyre of, smoldering sands
Since love, become, sin’s sacrament
We weave, torn passion, strand by strand!

When the, longing ends, love learns, to age
As the sun, dies down, in the fury, of the sea
Love is, redemption’s, pilgrimage
With the rosary, of, broken rhapsody!

Our hearts, are stray, untethered kites
Yonder, tides’ tumults, soar, far above
Nirvana seems, to heave, in sights
When The Sky, Is Bleeding, With Our Love!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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