How A Life Was All But Lost Away

With a, cherished chagrin, one more tryst
More moments bleed, from my, lingering age
Ain’t I convict, of my, life’s heist
Then why, each day, is a, new outrage!

Senescence, is essence, of existence
In the, herd of, same social, sluggishness
Every day resurrects, with same, faith’s pretense
And night, is devoured, by the same, fear’s finesse!

In the race, to reach, the highbrows’ clan
I fire, my fury, with angst, and pain
Every fleeting moment, dares, “Catch me, if you can”
Clocks, calendars, regurgitate, “Ain’t life, a banal bane”!

I’m a sum, of my, yesterdays
Lasting funeral, of my, faith’s decay
In the, chase always, of time’s malaise
How A, Life Was, All But, Lost Away!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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