Tomorrows Ain’t Just Lost Todays …

I’ve measured, age of, truth in time
Until I found, its lie, lay bare
Beyond a, fantasist’s, paradigm
Amidst, three worlds, existence’s fear……!!!

Who unchained me, from the, womb of past
To live today, in the tomb, of myths
And raise, tomorrow’s tomb, to last
Time’s enigmas, man’s megaliths!

I’ve aged, to know time, oh, so well
Since my, soul’s a stray, untethered kite
Beyond, faith’s cradle, and fear’s, death-knell
And the, prisons of, “Was”, “Is”, “Will” and “Might”…!

I burnt, calendars, clocks, on my walls
In the, funeral of, time’s, endless chase
In a, Timeless Man’s, new protocols
Yesterdays, Live On, Thru Lost Recalls …!
Tomorrows Ain’t, Just, Lost Todays …!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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