The Enigma Of A Chinese Disease

Why dragon, roosts in, bat’s alibi
Whilst the, world races, to catch, last breath
Mother Earth, sighs out, her last lullaby
Whilst her broods, yearn to live, in the cradle, of death!

Why SARS, then MERS, now this, CORONAL Curse
All stink, of a, Socialist propaganda
God seems, to shadow, Sino-Satanic verse
Life serves, in body-bags, death’s memoranda!

Beyond, exotic, gluttony’s lust
Is the, ruthless quest, for red conquests
So deep-rooted, is, this Communist rust
Mankind is aghast, by its, deathly fests!

Xi gifts, to the world, Communist coffins
To bury, blood-bath, of his, death-decrees
In fear, finally ends, with faith, which begins
The Enigma, Of A, Chinese Disease!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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