Lest You Too Become A Woman One Day

Had my soul, not sighed, on her, first menses
As my girl, baptized in, womanhood’s blood
How long, would we hide, playing in pretenses
Until I, redeem your, virginity’s bud!

When breasts, burst out, of your, fertile chest
I had felt, deep schism, of estrangement
Your modesty, my travesty; our instincts’ bequest
You turned, out to be, my sin’s sacrament!

Since you, shied away, from my, lap, lovelorn
I bemoan, the bliss, of senescence
Once the, rose of my soul, now my, forlorn heart’s thorn!
I smell, in you, a woman’s, vain substance!

Why you, veil in shame, from my, yearning eyes
Did you, ditch that girl, now a, castaway
Your blood-stained frock, is your truth, of my lies
Lest You Too, Become A, Woman, One Day!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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