A Faith Was Born To End All Faiths

Who seek, in Faith, a Fear, ‘benign’
To mete, out to, ‘kafirs’ galore
Baptize by blood, ‘blasphemy’s’, shrine
For whom, fear is, faith’s metaphor!

The Faith, with sword, won, whilst we lost
For we kafirs, were destined, to die
Whose hearts, refused to, pay soul’s cost
For a, satanic creed, to glorify!

Who measure, passion with, prejudiced pride
And hegemony, with rancor, and fear
Are zealots, of a, jihad prophesied
To make world, hate’s, caliphate, austere!

Between, gore for thirst, holy houris’ lust
Farm, jannat’s dream, fear’s fanatic wraiths
To bury ‘infidels’, in its, Holy Hate’s Dust
A Faith, Was Born, To End, All Faiths!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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