Hollywood Is That Purple Platitude

There’s a, dimension, of corrosion
In inertia, of, motion pictures
Every delusion, ends in, a collusion
In this, contradiction, of conjectures!

Every silver screen, has a, cloudy lining;
Sweet glycerine, behind, its every, tear
There’s pimping, o’er, film-signing
Wherein, faith is skinned, to bedizen, fear!

In the temple, of this, Garish Glitz
Each God, Goddess, flaunts, a faux-virtue
We are martyrs, to this, Cine-Blitz
Who sell, their souls, to a, face value!

Lo and behold! Weinstein crucified! Feminism pacified!
In the, #METOO trial, of a, man’s rectitude
Wherein, lies shout loud, truth sits, tongue-tied!
Hollywood, Is That, Purple Platitude !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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