The Enigma Of Our Monogamy

From, forbidden fruit, to, original sin
Since, evolution sowed, civilization’s seed
Between, sexual faith; social discipline
Lay, freedom and fear, of the, human creed!

From, puerile passion, to, spousal possession
To the ennui, from a, timeworn skin
No wonder, our, oldest profession
Redeems, sin’s instinct, from our, deep within!

Spent householders; unfulfilled, wives
Find, new avatars, o’er, World Wide Web
In orgasmic spree, of their, digital lives
Each soul, is a pimp, every sin, celeb!

From, wedded vows, to, wanton wows
We are, pilgrims of, our alchemy
In façade, of faith, we revile, and carouse
The Enigma, Of Our, Monogamy!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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