That ‘Race’ We Lost

Did we stop, to live, when Eugenics died
How hardy, is, our spirit, die-hard
With a, brittle spine, we crucified
Our fortitude, in, Satan’s yard!

Is it, comfort, or, inertia
We bought, with, digital evolution
What we, cherish, in our, absentia
Our sin, of paralyzed, conviction!

We grow, fast-food, in poison farms
And breathe, and seethe, in miasma
And down, a drug, before bug, harms
Our lives, are a, diagnostic dilemma!

Ain’t we, bane, of our, existence
And the, Makers of, our holocaust
Who consigned, ‘Life’, to ‘Senescence’
To win, fear’s Utopia, at Faith’s cost
In That, ‘Race’, We Lost!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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