Enigma Of A Manly Faith

In a, 1000 years, 2 billion times!
A creed, grows on…, in, manly souls
A decree, transcends, passion’s, paradigms
When it, sells to, men, manhood’s hyperboles!

A God manly; manly Prophet
Who bestowed, men with, manly fief
Many women, to keep, many broods, to beget
Which man, won’t flaunt, this manly belief!

All shrouded black, in, hidden harem
A wooed ‘woe’, in a, manly clan
Rape them, trade them, lash them, leave them
Which other creed, concedes, such ‘honors’, to man!

What makes, men, mortal messiahs
In a world, with, many an, ‘infidel’ wraith
And o’er, creed of, ‘feminine pariahs’
Enigma, Of A, Manly Faith!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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