The Enigma Of A Fanatic’s Faith

Still haunts, to death, that last azan
Which spurred, a vain warrior, for jihad
To be, the next martyr, of his clan
For which, fear is God, in faith’s façade!

His mother, sowed, sin’s sinister seed
When she, consigned him, to a, mullah’s care
Who decreed him, “Do bleed, for your creed”
For six dozen virgins, and heaven, up there”!

When he reached, the White, Infidels’ state
He reminisced, his pledge, to Allah
To create, a new Utopia, of Hate
With fear’s fury, and, faith’s chutzpah!

Lo and behold! A Holy Massacre!
By a, dread-drunken, religious wraith
Like Satan, screaming out, God’s prayer
With the, scattered rosary, of fear
And Enigma, Of A, Fanatic’s Faith!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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