Enigma Of The Albino Crow

A hoary, feathery, quagmire
Not the phoenix, born from, nightfall’s ash
A soul, baptized, by satire
A white flaw, bearing, black backlash!

Could barer, be, any estrangement
Than the one, from own, ethnic creed
And life, no more, than a, sacrament
Who sowed, in soul, the color’s seed!

Evolution’s law!; Civilization’s flaw!
Same stigma, dwells in, every kind
How we deal, with façades, God grieves, in awe –
“Better be, my litters, colorblind”

What bonds us, if not, benevolence
But the prejudice, which our, pasts bestow
Echoes, every moment, social pretense
Enigma, Of The, Albino Crow!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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