To Be A Muslim In This Age

“We are, not them…they are, not us…”
He puts, to shame, earnestness’ soul
As he, hears azan, sighs a plea, pious
“Why my ummah, pays, with fear, faith’s toll!”

Why skull-capped men, and, scarfed women
Try hard, to read, dread and disdain
In the eyes, of kaffirs, now and then
Why their ummah, lives, jihadi stain!

Is “Allahu Akbar”, a newfound slur!
Since their brethren, found, their new war-cry
Has fear found, its faith, God, His martyr
And imam, his pain, in a, wailing rabbi!

How was, one and half, millennium spent
Behind, piety’s veil, before, world’s outrage
Every moment, seems, a sacrament
To Be, A Muslim, In This Age!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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