What Became Of “The Wall Of Shame”

The ”Iron Curtain”, found, its façade
In hundred miles, of mortar, and bricks
When a, naïve JFK’s, dumb charade
Lost to, Krushchev’s, ruthless, polemics!

Berlin bled, that day – “Barbed Wire Sunday
When her heart, was torn, between East, and West
In a, gross display, Socialist fear’s melee
Was bared, to the bone, in two, faiths’ conquest!

Though an ethos, born from, freedom’s womb
Could not, be wrecked, by the, Soviet pride
Was it, Cold War’s shrine, or Socialism’s tomb
O’er wasteland, where, two world wars died!

Could conquer, fortitude, a fanatic faith!
Fear fuels more, hope and, freedom’s flame
Democracy, demolished, Communism’s wraith
What Became Of “The Wall Of Shame”!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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