The Treaty Of Versailles

Was not, all spent, did some, gore last!
To etch, new epic, of an aftermath
When some, sobered men, weighed the cost, aghast
Of the history, lost to, The Great Blood Bath!

Could apt, be more, a treaty-town
Than, the one, which echoed, vengeance
In a, one more, but, the last showdown
Of that, Franco-German, insolence!

How an ethos, is cut down, to size
Taught world, this vicious, armistice
What was, to be a, peace-treatise
Was indeed, next world war’s, promise!

The hate, which wreaked, this peace accord
Spurred Hitler, to sell, world, this lie
“Pride Is, Salvaged, By The Strength, Of Sword
Taught us, The Treaty, Of Versailles!”

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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