That Man Lost In The Mist

How long, shall last, this estrangement
Between time, and man, called senescence
And the, conquests which, races invent
To keep up, myth of, existence!

Beyond big bang, before, cipher
And the, scattering of, the elements
Man’s life, remains a, stark metaphor
Of his, pursuit, and its, sacraments!

A tale, of lasting, faith and fear
And, resurrections of, civilizations
How histories, ain’t just, time’s affair
But pride, and prejudice, of passions!

Whose being is, but a, child’s play
Farmed in, a fist of, time and clay
In a, pilgrim’s tryst, with an alchemist
That Man, Lost, In The Mist!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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