That New Dimension To Poetry

Prejudiced truths, and prettified lies
Are milestones, of modern literature
Propaganda sells, at reason’s price
‘Free verse’, is its, deified caricature!

Beyond the, beauty of, a thought
Which classics had, but, spent to death
Banality pervades, and stinks, throughout
This misery of, modern ‘Macbeth’!

Where lie, is dared, truth bared, to the bone
No dilemma, entombed, as ‘enigma’!
May ‘cynicism’, be the, cornerstone
Of our, ‘blasphemy’s’, new Mecca!

Will linger on, o’er internet, this wholesale affair
O’er barters, of ‘follows’, ‘likes’,… doggerels’ puffery
Still art, will bloom, in all its flair
With That New Dimension To Poetry!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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