Lo And Behold ! A Phantom’s Funeral !

Who never, lived, to die ever
Is forever, now, a vain martyr
This man is, a myth, beyond measure
Like the, inconsequence, of his endeavor!

Erdogan’s rosary, Donald’s tears, MBS’s coffin
Even Gods, don’t bask in, such last rites
All’s there, to baptize, Khashoggi’s sin
How come, he was missed, in all invites!

An empty platform, is that him!
Is this service, a divine comedy?
A dead Muslim, or a, political pilgrim
Who pays dearly, for his heresy!

Mecca’s downcast, Medina’s aghast
At this, Satan’s, ruthless carousal
How a, faith’s ethos, lost to, a dynast?
Lo And Behold! A Phantom’s Funeral!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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