When The Waves Count Me

The furor, of my, heart’s sanctum
When all, I am, on those, solemn eves
I gaze, in the sea, my soul’s phantom
Play out, sin’s shades, my mind conceives!

The waves whisper, to a, restive man
“Your surge, transcends our, pride’s fury”
“I’m all, dissolved in, your caravan
Why a, crestfallen be, a juggernaut’s envy!”

They kiss, my feet, and touch, my soul
And stir, in me, that long-lost psalm
“Lest the joie de vivre, in your heart, grow ole
Better learn, to live, with a saint’s aplomb”!

Two restless souls, lost in, stray discourse
Squirms in, twilight’s blood, pain’s rhapsody
As myriad, bulls gore, myriad matadors
From the tomb, of sun, moon’s lunacy soars
By the blood-bathed sea, When The Waves Count Me!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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