Welcome To ‘True’ Faith’s Ummah !!!

“All scriptures’ study, lead to Islam…!”
Worth pitying, your shallow, conjecture
Your rendition, of your new, faith’s psalm
Sounds like, a somber, investiture!

If Shuhada’s, the truth, was Sinéad a lie!
A crestfallen Catholic’s, sweet vengeance
Once ‘infidel’, now, fidelity’s far cry
How one faith, could be, another’s comeuppance!

Do don a hijab, and dare, with jihad
That faith, which made you, what you are
Can a faith, redeem you, from your, own façade?
You’re a, stark propaganda, in new avatar!

Behold the intrigue, of a, convert’s creed!
The lost conquest, of a, faith’s chutzpah
To escape, truth’s travail, for a, heaven prophesied
Welcome To ‘True’ Faith’s Ummah !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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