This ‘Statesman’ Loves To Trade In Trash

Ain’t America, a reckless, enigma!
Which drags on, age-old momentum
Its president is, an ‘Emperor of Faux Pas’
Whose election, democracy’s, defeat’s theorem!

Don’t carry views, to a thoughtless man
For just claptrap, he comprehends
With a ‘MAGA’ cap, even orangutan
Is good enough, for his, political ends!

America is, a sad, spectacle
Of how, a nation, won by chance
With a dead ethos, and soul fickle
It lives, and runs, on happenstance!

You don’t, need values, when dollars can buy
Lasting success, gift-wrapped, in balderdash
Rejoice the truth, of a flagrant, white lie
This ‘Statesman’, Loves To, Trade In Trash

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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