Don’t Deny Me ‘You’

If dalliance be, a tryst, of destinies
How long, shall last, this lost pursuit
Why a heart, be spent, o’er entreaties!
For the, cherished sin, of forbidden fruit!

Each dream, I know, must pay its cost
Not to, die out, in spent memory
Don’t be, that battle, which I lost
But beads, of my, faith’s rosary!

An age, is spent, in baking love
That bread, of heart, and sin of soul
Don’t be, a millstone, which I shove
For a million miles, till my ‘myth’, grows ole…!

May love, be a total, life sentence
Not the pity, of a, cold adieu
Don’t be, the pride, of a lost pretense
Be my love’s virtue, Don’t Deny Me ‘You’!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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